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The International Airborne Geophysics Safety Association (IAGSA) promotes the safe operation of helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft on airborne geophysical surveys. Member companies conduct low-level survey flights, and are committed to safe aircraft operations. Our association develops recommended practices, serves as a center for exchange of safety information and as a repository for specialized statistics.

The recommended practices developed by IAGSA for the geophysical survey industry are included in a Safety Manual. The Safety Manual is primarily for IAGSA members.

IAGSA also recommends that exploration companies include in their contracts specific safety requirements. A summary of the recommended practices in the Safety Manual are presented in a proposed Contract Annex for Exploration Companies.

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If your company is a member of IAGSA you can gain access to the member’s section by obtaining a user name and password. Send your request for a user name and password by e-mail to: IAGSA Webmaster Your request must include company name, your name, position and email address.

Our website serves primarily as a working tool for our members but is also intended as a reference for anyone interested in the work of the association and as a gateway for communicating with the association.

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